Developing materials for success

Zeta Maths produces resources for Scottish schools to assist learners and teachers to pursue excellence in mathematics.  

Our Resources

Our resources are all tailored to the Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes and the New National Qualifications for upper school.  All of our resources are provided in digital format allowing schools to either produce printed versions or to post the materials on their school Glow site, or another secure school website.

A variety of free resources can also be found on our site.


Zeta Maths exists to support learners in their pursuit of excellence in mathematics. Curriculum for Excellence offers learners breadth in learning.  Our resources are intended to assist learners in developing depth and consolidation of new skills. 

Each homework exercise book contains upwards of 150 homework exercises for learners (with exception of our Primary Third Level book).  A teacher answer book will also be provided.  Zeta Maths aims to provide at least four homework exercises each week for every week of the school year (see our samples ). Each exercise is designed to build and reinforce skills through the course of the week as the learners consolidate current skills and develop new ones. The books contain a contents page of all the exercises, which may be checked using a traffic light system to monitor progress and each homework contains a footnote of the experiences and outcomes or topic being developed.

Coming Soon - Zeta Maths Algebra

Our long anticipated Algebra book will be released towards the end of 2018.  A book suitable for all pupils at all levels, we plan to make this the last Algebra book you will ever need.

Find out more here.

What do I get?

Upon purchasing Zeta Maths resources the purchaser will receive a PDF document licensed to the school for unlimited usage by the staff and pupils of that school.  This allows each school to print as many copies of booklets or share the digital file with as many of their students as they need.  There is a one-off payment for each resource.

Benefits of using Zeta Maths Resources

Promoting the positive use of technology

The materials may be used either as paper booklets or digitally on a computer or mobile device.  Each exercise is designed to fit onto the screen of a mobile phone or tablet, allowing learners to download the resources from Glow, Edmodo or any other secure website onto their own device and complete their work direct from their phone or tablet.  This is a great way for schools to encourage the positive use of technology by learners.

Consistency across school

Using Zeta Maths resources in your school can bring consistency and continuity in the learning experience.  The books are designed to provide approximately 10-15 minutes of homework each day at the lower levels and slightly more at National 5 level.  Using these resources across all levels in your school provides the learner with consistency in their homework experience.  Using these resources also provides continuity in the learning experiences as each learner moves from one teacher to the next or one class to the next with the same homework format and booklets.

Reduction in Resource Development

Using Zeta Maths resources frees up development time, which would otherwise be used producing or accumulating suitable homework resources for each level.

"Having recently purchased the National 5 homework booklets, I have found them to be an excellent revision resource for our students. These booklets are very well written and well laid out and have certainly assisted our students in consolidating what had been taught in the classroom. I would have no hesitation in recommending Zeta Maths products to my fellow teaching colleagues."      Mark Shields (Head of Mathematics - Hamilton College)

"Zeta Maths is a wonderful resource which gives pupils the freedom to develop their skills at their own pace. It is also used widely by teachers to provide focussed support on particular topics"      Andrew Sutherland (Facutly Head - Renfrew High School)

"Fantastic resources that provide pupils with essential practice of significant aspects of learning - thoroughly recommended."      Chris McKenna (Kyle Academy)